Swag Bag Gift Sponsors

Be a Gift Sponsor at the DMFB

DMFB Attendees with Swag Bags

Get your brand and/or product in front of 1,100+ small businesses owners and marketing professionals. Place marketing products, services, gift cards, etc. in the swag gift bags to be distributed to all the DMFB conference attendees.

There is NO COST for Companies to submit a Marketing Gift with a $20+ value!

SWAG Bag Gift Sponsor Program:

Companies can sponsor SWAG (gift) bag which is provided to 1,100+ attendees.

SWAG bag gift sponsors provide a marketing service gift and receive an insert into the SWAG bag (normally $150) and a listing on the SWAG sponsorship page.

SWAG Bag Gift Sponsor Details:

Gift Value – $20+ value for each recipient
Unique Offer – different than is a standard trial offer
Purchase Not Required – registration requirement is acceptable

SWAG Bag Gift Sponsor Receives:

– Literature Insert – yours or ours
– Sponsor Listing – on DMFB website with backlink
– Social Media Posts – we announce

Examples of SWAG Bag Gifts:

– Internet Advertising Credit
– Software Program
– Social Media Management Service (30 to 90 days)
– 20 Stock Photos
– 2 Months of Web Hosting

Interested in sponsoring the DMFB with a Swag Bag gift?

Click HERE to submit Swag Bag product details.