DMFB Sessions by Tracks

Six Tracks – Go to Any Session, Any Track!

– Small Business Track – 14 sessions
– Enterprise – 14 Sessions
– Expert – 14 Sessions
– WordPress – 14 Sessions
– Video – 14 Sessions
– Workshops – 14 “How-To” Sessions

Small Business Track – marketing types, setup options, & typical results

The Small Business track helps business owners and managers to discover new marketing options, how they work, and typical results. You will discover new marketing ideas, typical results, and tips about how to maximize the limited time and resources available. This is your opportunity to find new ways to grow your business and profit more.

250,000 and Counting: Marketing and Monetization with Online Courses

301-5/13/2015-SB-Mark Lassoff-9:00:00-9:50:00

Facebook: Going Beyond the Like

302-5/13/2015-SB-Ruben Quninones-10:00:00-10:50:00

Make Money With Events: How to Generate Leads and Shorten your Sales Cycle

303-5/13/2015-SB-Audra Hildenbrand-11:00:00-11:50:00

3 Ways to Use Other People’s Social Media Marketing Budgets to Increase YOUR Bottom line!

304-5/13/2015-SB-Erik Luhrs-1:00:00-1:50:00

Why SEO and SEM are the Most Critical Forms of Gaining Clients for Your Small Business

305-5/13/2015-SB-Andy Thomas-2:00:00-2:50:00

How to Make Money Using Amazon FBA

306-5/13/2015-SB-Jason Jehorek-3:00:00-3:50:00

Social Media Marketing Panel

307-5/13/2015-SB-Wendy Coulter-4:00:00-4:50:00

Getting Users from Pinterest to Your Small Business Website

308-5/14/2015-SB-Sharon Dawson-9:00:00-9:50:00

Instagram and Snapchat: Marketing to Millennials

309-5/14/2015-SB-Justin Lafazan-10:00:00-10:50:00

How Google Hangouts Can Build Your Business

310-5/14/2015-SB-Wade Harman-11:00:00-11:50:00

Mobile Marketing?

311-5/14/2015-SB-Teresa Robinson-1:00:00-1:50:00

Build and Launch Your Online Non-Profit Marketing for Under $500

312-5/14/2015-SB-Gavin Smith-2:00:00-2:50:00

10 Key Elements Your Website Must Have to Ensure Prospects Choose You

313-5/14/2015-SB-Amy Howard-3:00:00-3:50:00

How to Track Social Media Efforts Using Free Analytics Tools

314-5/14/2015-SB-Amanda Sturgill-4:00:00-4:50:00


Enterprise Track – new marketing options, best practices, & benchmarks.

The Enterprise Track helps marketing professionals to discover new promotion options, best practices, and the latest marketing solutions that can save time and make you more successful. Hear what leading companies are doing to connect with their customers, make better decisions and allow their people to live a better life.

How to Use Your Story to Create Your Marketing Plan and Strategy

101-5/13/2015-EN-Caitlin Clinard-9:00:00-9:50:00

Twitter Chats – How to Build Your Own Tribe

102-5/13/2015-EN-Vernetta Freeney-10:00:00-10:50:00

The Secrets to how a Tech Startup Got Nationwide PR

103-5/13/2015-EN-James Kotecki-11:00:00-11:50:00

Why Social Media and ROI Go Hand in Hand

104-5/13/2015-EN-Jeremy Goldman-1:00:00-1:50:00

The 5 Principles and 7 Tools Essential to Building Leads

105-5/13/2015-EN-Louis Gudema-2:00:00-2:50:00

How a Local Bank Became a Content Marketing Powerhouse

106-5/13/2015-EN-Lars Bredahl-3:00:00-3:50:00

Internet Advertising Panel

107-5/13/2015-EN-Diane Pease-4:00:00-4:50:00

Cost Effective Ways to Build Your Brand with Messages that Resonate

108-5/14/2015-EN-Jeanne Frazer-9:00:00-9:50:00

Frenemies to Friends: Real Tips for Crossing the Sales & Marketing Divide

109-5/14/2015-EN-Courtney Wilson-10:00:00-10:50:00

How to Redesign Your Website to be Mobile Friendly

110-5/14/2015-EN-Pepper Oldziey-11:00:00-11:50:00

How to Write a 90 Day Marketing Strategy in 90 Minutes

111-5/14/2015-EN-Kieran Wilson-1:00:00-1:50:00

10 Things to Know About Email Marketing Now

112-5/14/2015-EN-Lisa Jeffries-2:00:00-1:50:00

Content Marketing: Creating a Promotion Plan that Works

113-5/14/2015-EN-Casie Gillette-3:00:00-2:50:00

Moving Beyond Marketing – The Future of Digital

114-5/14/2015-EN-David Giannetto-4:00:00-3:50:00

Expert Track – new marketing options, development tools, & implementation tips

The Expert Track helps marketing consultants discover new tools and effective ways to setup marketing solutions. Learn new marketing options to propose to your clients and ways to save time and money when implementing them.

How to Measure Your Integrated Marketing Efforts and Report Data

201-5/13/2015-EX-Christina Motley-9:00:00-9:50:00

How Google’s Rich Answers in Search is Changing the SEO Landscape

202-5/13/2015-EX-Eric Enge-10:00:00-10:50:00

Creating Million Dollar Deals with your LinkedIn pipeline

203-5/13/2015-EX-Julbert Abraham-11:00:00-11:50:00

How to Use Authority Marketing to Grow Your Business

204-5/13/2015-EX-T. Allen Hayes-1:00:00-1:50:00

Using Google+ to Do an End Run Around Your Competition

205-5/13/2015-EX-Mark Traphagen-2:00:00-2:50:00

Personal Branding on Steriods – building a powerful online image to attract new clients i

206-5/13/2015-EX-Kim Adamof-3:00:00-3:50:00

Marketing Automation Panel


Marketing & Trademarks & Copyrights, Oh My

208-5/14/2015-EX-Laurel Mintz-9:00:00-9:50:00

Boosting SEO Using Link Reclamation Strategy

209-5/14/2015-EX-Patrick Stox-10:00:00-10:50:00

Integrate Your CRM to Become a Unified Marketing Platform

210-5/14/2015-EX-Edward Swiderski-11:00:00-11:50:00

How Long-Form LinkedIn Posts Are Your Best ROI for Content Marketing

211-5/14/2015-EX-Thea Neal-1:00:00-1:50:00

10 Things Big Data Tells Us About Digital Ads

212-5/14/2015-EX-Stacy Griggs-2:00:00-2:50:00

Demystifying Beacons: What They Are and How to Use Them

213-5/14/2015-EX-Matthew Davis-3:00:00-3:50:00

Content is King–Establishing a Global Content Strategy for Audience Engagement

214-5/14/2015-EX-Lacey Senko and Dirk Nicol-4:00:00-4:50:00


Video Track – production, video opportunities, & multimedia marketing

The Video Track helps videographers, multimedia producers, and video marketers to discover new TV & video production and marketing options. See video production methods and tools, new TV and video promotion opportunities, and multimedia marketing success stories.

The Power of Video Marketing

401-5/13/2015-V-Paulo Simeos-9:00:00-9:50:00

How I Turned a $100 Camera & An Idea Into a Brand and Business

402-5/13/2015-V-Dre Baldwin-10:00:00-10:50:00

Your Most Powerful Personal Presence in Video and Marketing

403-5/13/2015-V-Sandra Dee Robinson-11:00:00-11:50:00

Learn about the “Secret Ingredient” to Spicing Up Annual Reports (Pssst its Video)

404-5/13/2015-V-Kim Brame-1:00:00-1:50:00

Local Television Advertising for Smaller Budgets

405-5/13/2015-V-Melissa St. John and Neal Isaacs-2:00:00-2:50:00

How I Built 3 Mulit-Million Dollar Businesses Using Video Marketing

406-5/13/2015-V-Jace Vernon-3:00:00-3:50:00

Video SEO Panel

407-5/13/2015-V-Frank Jones-4:00:00-4:50:00

Internet Television Advertising

408-5/14/2015-V-Lawrence Harte-9:00:00-9:50:00

New Video Editing Tools: Final Cut Pro X Is King.

409-5/14/2015-V-Scott Markowitz-10:00:00-10:50:00

Developing an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

410-5/14/2015-V-Dane Frederiksen-11:00:00-11:50:00

Webinars:  Integrating with Social Media, New Tools, and Repurposing Content

411-5/14/2015-V-Alice Fuller-1:00:00-1:50:00

Video Metadata

412-5/14/2015-V-Tik Patel-2:00:00-2:50:00

Think like a Filmmaker to create a successful digital marketing video.

413-5/14/2015-V-Robert Gordon-3:00:00-3:50:00


WordPress Track

The WordPress track helps website developers to make better website designs, manage development projects, integrate WordPress with services, and setup key business applications such as eCommerce and membership websites.

Website Design with UX in Mind

501-5/13/2015-WP-Melissa Eggleston-9:00:00-9:50:00

Are you uncategorized? Organize Your Blog with the Proper use of Categories & Tags

502-5/13/2015-WP-Terri Voltz-10:00:00-10:50:00

WordPress is Not Just for Blogging

503-5/13/2015-WP-Victor Font-11:00:00-11:50:00

Creating an eCommerce store with WordPress

504-5/13/2015-WP-Steve Mortiboy-1:00:00-1:50:00

WordPress Performance Optimization

505-5/13/2015-WP-Peter Baylies-2:00:00-2:50:00

Website Accessibility: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law

506-5/13/2015-WP-David Minton-3:00:00-3:50:00

WordPress Security Panel

507-5/13/2015-WP-Jake St. Peter-4:00:00-4:50:00

Word Press SEO

508-5/14/2015-WP-Jake Aull-9:00:00-9:50:00

The Best Forms Plugins for Your WordPress Website & How to Use Them

509-5/14/2015-WP-Andrea Ferguson-10:00:00-10:50:00

Successful WordPress Project Management

510-5/14/2015-WP- To be Announced -11:00:00-11:50:00


Workshop Track

The Workshop Track provides “how-to” training and demonstrations so you can see how successful Internet Marketing is setup and run. Look behind the scenes as real marketers share their marketing secrets and show how to do it. These workshops are sponsored by experienced companies who offer a discount promotion at the end of their session.

– How to Run and Record Google Hangouts
– Setting up Facebook Contests
– How to Run an Online Design Contest
– Press Release Creation and Promotion
– Google Pay Per Click Campaign Creation
… and more