DMFB Volunteer Training

Social Media Marketing Training by Kim Adamof

Social Media Marketing Training by Kim Adamof

DMFB training sessions are available for active Digital Marketing for Business – DMFB volunteers at no cost. These 2 to 3 hour courses presented by experienced experts who cover the key session topic areas and how DMFB uses them.

Email Marketing – 5 Feb 2015

Email marketing training covers list building, list management, campaign creation, message creation, and measurement.

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Google Hangout Video Recording – 11 Feb 2015

How to setup, run, and record Google video hangouts.

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Screencast Video Production – 10 Mar 2015

How to convert Powerpoint presentations into engaging videos.

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Social Media Marketing – 11 Mar 2015

Social media marketing – SMM training covers how to monitor, post, and interact with people on social networks to discover and engage with the event.

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO – 25 Mar 2015

Search engine optimization – SEO training covers how to select and optimize content and get backlinks that help people to discover relevant website content.

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Website Development – 8 Apr 2015

Website development training covers setting website objectives, competitive analysis, use case creation, feature requirements, development projects, web page creation, website testing, engagement measurement, and website optimization.

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Internet Advertising – 22 Apr 2015

Internet advertising training explains how to review competitors advertising, setup ad insertion campaigns, measure, and optimize paid marketing programs.

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