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Digital Marketing for Business – DMFB Raleigh 2016! – is THE marketing and business information exchange and networking event, conference, and exhibition for business owners, entrepreneurs & managers.

Location: Raleigh Convention Center, 500 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27601 – North Hall, Rooms 305A, 305B, 306A, 306B, 306C, and 307.

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Sales Lead Generation Secrets – 1 September 2015, McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC – go to

Video Production and Marketing Bootcamp – 8 September 2015, McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC – go to

DMFB Raleigh 2013 Session

Digital Marketing for Business events are a different type of conference. In addition to “how-to” business learning sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitors with special service offers, we have hands on workshops, meet the speaker dinners, and other activities. This is the opportunity you have to make a list of your business questions and get answers from multiple experts in one place.

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Digital Marketing to Improve Online Gambling Business

Casino marketing is an extremely competitive field and it has been constantly changing with the evolution of digital technologies. Hence, online gambling companies are following the latest trends and embrace digital marketing as a form of improving their online gambling business. Instead of old-fashioned television commercials, gambling companies are trying with social media and mobile casino apps, which can be a powerful tool for digital marketing. Every online casino wants to establish its own niche in the gambling industry in order to satisfy the demands of their customers. However, the established trend of short and concise ads, like: get as little as $10 and as much as $100 free money, seems to be as good as always when it comes to attracting new players.

The SEO for every online gambling company is a specific area where content and onsite design should be arranged according to the customer’s needs. The gamers are interested only in casino-related content and they want to know what kind of casino games the gambling company offers and what are the hot new slots games on the gaming screen, so they can easily win real money. Sports betting has also become popular because placing bets can easily be done thanks to the numerous online betting sites. You should only follow the daily updates with every new betting offer promotion, if you want to become a successful bettor, without risking big amounts of money. Bet $5 and get $10 at the top sportsbooks in Canada. All in all, an effective marketing strategy is more than important in this industry than in other business domains. Digital marketing has proved that is one of the most reliable methods to push online gambling businesses on the top and boost profits.

Getting the Right People on Board

In order to attract new members and expand and improve your online gambling business, you need the right people next to you. You will need engaging content to get the attention of people who will later be willing to join your platform. An iGaming writer is a specific type of content writer that has expertise in the online gambling market. Getting a hold of one shouldn’t be that difficult today, as you can post an online job offer explaining what you need and which candidates can apply to get the job. You will need to specify the type of content that the writer will need to create and the amount that will be needed in a certain period. Describe the position in detail, giving precise info on what types of responsibilities they will have, whether you need a full-time or a part-time writer, and what are the benefits of the job. It is also useful to give some info about the business itself, how it got to the place it is, how it is currently doing on the market, including what are its short and long-term goals.

Requirements and Responsibilities of the Writer

The section where all of the candidates will head first is the one where all of the requirements and responsibilities will be listed. Make sure to be as clear as possible when listing what type of writer you need and what sort of responsibilities they will need to do once the position is theirs. In order to get the best possible candidate, there are certain skills that that individual needs to possess. On top of the list should be that it will be preferable for the candidate to be a native speaker. Not only do native speakers write more coherently, but they also won’t have to do as much scouring around to understand the idea of the content fully. While experience is important, it is not necessary if the writer can produce high-quality and accurate content. Another requirement will be understanding HTML or being willing to learn everything about it. Deadlines are massively important, so keeping an organized schedule is key. Finally, they will need to know how to work in a team because communication and learning from others will be important. Once the requirements are out of the way, point out some of the responsibilities that they will take on once on the job. For example, being able to research various topics at once or being able to switch from writing blogs to guides.

Why Attend DMFB?

Ask Questions to Experienced Marketing, Business, and Media Production Experts
Network with other Business Owners and Professionals
Discover New Business Options, How they Work, and Typical Results
Learn about New Business Services that Can Increase Sales and Reduce Costs
Have Fun While Learning How to Grow Your Business!

DMFB Raleigh Lobby Area

If you have questions about marketing, business, or media production, attending or exhibiting at this show is a must! Nowhere else can you talk with so many qualified experts.


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DMFB Raleigh 2015 Exhibiting Companies

DMFB Raleigh 2015 Exhibiting Companies

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DMFB Raleigh 2015 Sponsor Companies

DMFB Raleigh 2015 Sponsor Companies