Neal Issacs

Neal works with local small to medium sized business to drive brand awareness through targeted online and on cable marketing campaigns.  He brings the experience of having been a small business owner to his campaigns and recognizes the limited resources that small business owners have, and the urgency for every marketing dollar to go farther.  He helps business owners focus marketing resources on their best audiences to limit waste and increase frequency, and shows them how to analyze their campaign results by reviewing their Google Analytics providing in depth campaign reporting.  He’s worked extensively in the automotive, professional services, healthcare, and QSR verticals.  Neal holds an M.B.A. in Marketing and Innovation from the NCSU Jenkin’s Program at the Poole College of Management, and is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Digital Media Sales (DMSC).  He shares prospecting strategy at

Session: 405 Local-Television-Advertising-to-Boost-your-Digital-Brand

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