Jace Vernon

I was raised in a small farm town in Utah. Where my parents, gave me an excellent start in my life. We learned to work and I acquired a lot of great skills. At age 19 I was shipped off to a little country in Central America called El Salvador. There I learned about sowing and reaping and picked up a few more skills that have helped me in business. Came home got some college education, got married and started my 2nd business. (my first being a window washing company.) I would generate leads and customers by cold calling every morning and I would often times go out and knock doors to let people know about my service. It was a great time because I didn’t know any better. Nothing is more powerful than a young, ambitious, naive entrepreneur. I quickly became loaded and shortly there after I was broke. I actually lost 1 million cash in just one day. It was all gone by age 28. It was then I realized I had messed up and needed some more education, some better ideas and ultimately a better philosophy. The next year I spent hours at Barnes and Noble. I read 150 business books, which gave me more skills and a better life philosophy. I launched a couple other companies, which one did about 4 million in just a couple of months. It was about that time when I came upon a Whiteboard Videos on Youtube. 100 trips to Best Buy and 3 weeks later we launched our First Whiteboard Video. Ydraw was born and shortly after Yinc Marketing.

Session: 406 How I Built 3 Mulit-Million Dollar Businesses Using Video Marketing