Becker Drew

I left corporate America with honed writing, branding and marketing skills more than a decade ago. He held positions at ABB, Du Pont, AT&T, SHL Systemhouse, ICC-RTCI and consulted for companies such as Nortel and IBM. Armed with a degree in English from the University of Colorado and too many long hours in cubicles I founded Convey Media Group. Video is an important part of the marketing Convey Media Group does. We have produced videos for a number of small to mid-sized companies to promote products, services and the companies. Convey has writers as staff and so is excellent at creating exciting scripts. Today marketing encompasses social media and we write whether for websites, Google+, Facebook, Twitter Linked-In or some other platform. I have recently begun working with independent authors to write, publish and promote e-books. My clients are creating business books, fiction and memoirs. I have been published in Business Leader, Carolina News Wire, Triangle Business Connections, ESP, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News.

Convey Media Group