Audra Hildenbrand

Audra specializes in teaching Small Business Owners how to integrate events into their marketing strategy. She gives them the tools they need to create events that make money, build visibility, close sales faster, enhance their brand, make their company the star, is something people continue to hype about, and is a launching pad for much bigger results. In 2014 Audra founded her Event Planning and Marketing Business, The Hype Events, and has been getting amazing results for her clients by helping businesses increase their sales through very targeted events. For example, she was able to help one client sell out her first 3 events within 2 weeks of their first meeting. She has a proven system of planning, implementing, and marketing business events and also helps her clients track their return on investment as a result of their events.

Session: 303 Make Money With Events: How to Generate Leads and Shorten your Sales Cycle