The 5 Principles and 7 Tools Essential to Building Leads

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 2:00:00
End Time: 2:50:00
Session Number: 105

Speaker(s): Louis Gudema

“Marketers have a great opportunity to build qualified leads and contribute to pipeline and revenue by using digital marketing. But the speaker’s research indicates that, outside of the software industry, very few companies are taking advantage of these advanced tools. Given that over 2,000 companies are now offering some version of marketing technology, it’s not surprising that many marketer don’t know where to start.In this session Louis Gudema will offer 5 principles that marketers should adopt when moving into digital marketing, and review the 7 tools that can produce the most immediate, measurable results for them. (Social media marketing is not one of those seven…)”     “Attendees will learn:- How companies are significantly increasing leads and revenue by thoughtfully adding digital marketing to their marketing mix- What’s new in digital marketing, and what traditional skills never go out of date- The changes to the marketing team skills needed for digital marketing success- How marketing and sales can work together to build revenue- 7 digital marketing programs that are especially effective in generating measurable improvements to lead generation and revenue”