Mobile Responsive Design

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 1:00:00
End Time: 1:50:00
Session Number: 511

Speaker(s): Carson Longo

Should You Consider A Mobile Responsive Design? Google announced on February 26, 2015 they are expanding their use of Mobile Friendliness as a ranking signal. – Who does this effect? — What devices are involved? — Where will you rank in searches? —- When does this happen? —– Why the announcement? —— How does this impact your web site? Business Owners and Marketing Managers will learn of the competitive advantage in the marketplace of being Mobile Friendly in Google’s eyes. The attendee will view publicly available tools being used to accomplish a number of different tasks from the simple to the sublime that impact ranking (i.e. compliance, design, speed) such as: • Google’s testing tool • A Mobile Responsive Design Testing Tool • A Performance (speed) Analysis Tool • Chrome, Firefox & Safari tools – How to view a web sites code and practice modifications without actually changing the site The time to fine tune your Mobile Friendliness was yesterday.The three take aways for the attendees are: (1) How Google’s NEW Mobile Friendly ranking impacts their business (2) Tools to make their sites more Google Mobile Friendly compliant (3) an e-book with the presentation materials.