Local Television Advertising to Boost your Digital Brand

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 2:00:00
End Time: 2:50:00
Session Number: 405

Speaker(s): Melissa St. John and Neal Isaacs

Everyone understands the power of video to tell a story. However; historically, only companies with enormous advertising budgets have used video to grow their brands both on television and online. Here in the Triangle area, it is now possible to produce a television-quality commercial and reach a targeted audience efficiently and affordably. If you have ever considered using video to increase your business, but were intimidated by the process or assumed you could not afford to take that step, this Session is for you. Melissa St. John and Neal Isaacs are local advertising specialists helping local businesses of all sizes grow their brands and revenues with television and hyper-targeted internet advertising. Melissa is the leader (Chair) of the TV Advertising Committee for the Digital Marketing for Business – DMFB.net conference 2015. Topics Covered: Television 101, how to tell your story using video, effective script writing, television vs. Internet video advertising, measuring R.O.I. with analytics, budgeting, and other uses for your video. Neal and Melissa will answer your questions after the presentation.