Instagram and Snapchat: Marketing to Millennials

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 10:00:00
End Time: 10:50:00
Session Number: 309

Speaker(s): Justin Lafazan

Young people don’t just ignore, but genuinely despise, old-fashion marketing tactics. They get frustrated when their music, video, and TV is stopped with ads or disoriented by banners, and actually revert to negative company thinking. There is only one way to market towards young folks: engage. My session will elucidate the reasons behind why interactivity is the only way to successfully market towards young people, and why 90% of companies are doing it wrong. I’ll also show actionable steps to engage with young people on social media channels, including Snapchat and Instagram, that most companies are missing. While the average age of a Facebook user is >40, the average age of a Snapchat user is