How a Local Bank Became a Content Marketing Powerhouse

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 3:00:00
End Time: 3:50:00
Session Number: 106

Speaker(s): Lars Bredahl

You may go to your local bank to cash a check or discuss a mortgage but have you ever thought about asking them for restaurant recommendations or Christmas gift ideas?In today’s world, every company should view itself as a publishing house. Content marketing is key to building your brand story, and driving traffic to your website and/or storefront.Even an 80-year-old community bank, like First Bank, can get in on the action and become a media company. Learn how this traditionally rural bank evolved to become a primary resource for educational content spanning home-buying tips, regional business trends, and great seafood recipes.Along the way, you’ll gain key insights into developing a comprehensive content marketing plan for any budget and industry.