How Google’s Rich Answers in Search is Changing the SEO Landscape

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 10:00:00
End Time: 10:50:00
Session Number: 202

Speaker(s): Eric Enge

Google’s rich answers are playing an increasing role in their search results. Want to know how tall the empire state building is? Google will tell you.  Want to know the capital of Washington state? Google will tell you that too. The data for this all started with “The Knowledge Graph”, but Google has started to extract and present answers directly from web sites too (the the query “how to reset iphone” for an example of this).This is part of a publishers reality these days. Is it costing you traffic? What can you do to benefit? Can you structure your page in a way to be the web site shown in those rich answer results? The answer is yes, and my goal for this session will be show attendees what’s involved in increasing their chances of doing just that!