Demystifying Beacons: What They Are and How to Use Them

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 3:00:00
End Time: 3:50:00
Session Number: 213

Speaker(s): Matthew Davis

Retailers are falling in love with beacons, small Bluetooth devices that interact with apps to send messages to smartphones.  They’re deploying them by the thousands, with Macy’s alone placing over 4,000 beacons in their US retail stores.  Matthew Davis, VP of Product Marketing at mobile startup Reveal, demystifies this rapidly growing marketing channel. Attendees will hear a brief overview on how the technology works, who is deploying, where, and how many (over 64,000 installed already in the US alone). The presentation then turns to concrete examples of how major retailers use beacons to increase customer engagement in real time, and how other companies use beacon data to build targeted audience segments over long periods of time. This is a must-attend session for anyone seeking to understand this incredibly new marketing channel.