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QIC Learning is a training company that provides short courses on key business and technology topics. Our business and technology courses are designed to provide practical and useful information and exercises in an interactive environment, allowing students to make rapid progress in their business projects and job assignments. Much of our course presentation content is provided online, at no cost! This allows prospective students (solution seekers) to determine their need for the class. The key value for our classes is interaction – the opportunity for students to seek answers from expert instructors!

Our classes combine focused instruction and real-world exercises with question and answer interaction, allowing students to understand their issues, identify solutions and create action lists – steps they can take once the class has ended. The role of QIC Learning is to find and certify qualified instructors, create problem solving learning materials and organize training class events.

The core elements of QIC Learning include practical knowledge, group expertise and interactive solution seeking. Our practical knowledge process is driven by expert topic need analysis and student question feedback. Our group expertise method involves the use of multiple experts to create and deliver content. Our solution interaction commitment is the dedication of class time and online forums that allow students to ask questions that relate to their specific needs.

Our instructors are certified experts in their fields with recent industry experience. The QIC Learning certification process involves testing and evaluation by other certified QIC Learning instructors – experts validate expertise.

Our exercises use real-world examples and provide hands-on demonstrations of actual steps the students are likely to experience in their job and project assignments. They are designed to provide a realistic understanding of how processes work and build confidence in students that success is achievable.

Each class includes question and answer periods, which allow students to seek solutions that are unique to their situations. Our instructors are like mini-consultants who can answer specific questions about a topic or challenge. Getting specific answers is one of the most important reasons for students to attend our courses.

Courses are scheduled within close proximity of groups of students who wish to enroll. Typical class sizes are 15 to 35 people, allowing students to ask questions and discover unique and specific solutions that fit their needs.

Our QIC Learning course books are created by multiple instructors (group author books). The course books are available through major bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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