Personal Branding Panel

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 4:00:00
End Time: 4:50:00
Session Number: 214

Speaker(s): Elyse Archer (panel Leader), Chuck Hester, Wendy Coulter, Richard Averitte, Christina Blandi, and Steven David Elliot

If you manage or work on or with a sales team, it’s imperative that you empower your team to build their personal brands online. Not only will this help your sales professionals appear as experts in your field to potential customers searching for what you do, but it also eliminates the dreaded “cold call”. When a prospective customer feels like they already know and trust your sales rep, the chances of that rep making the sale skyrocket. Come to this personal branding panel to ask personal branding questions and discover: 1. How to ensure that your corporate brand remains intact while your sales team builds out their individual brands. 2. How to make sure your team still hits the phones and has meaningful conversations with their prospects, rather than “hiding” behind social media. 3. How to help your team develop a content marketing strategy that opens doors. 4. How to help your team effectively manage their time between online brand building and directly connecting with customers.