250,000 and Counting: Marketing and Monetization with Online Courses

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 9:00:00
End Time: 9:50:00
Session Number: 301

Speaker(s): Mark Lassoff

Five years ago Mark Lassoff was traveling the country teaching programming at various corporations, organizations and government departments. It was lucrative and fun– but limited by the fact that Mark could only be in one place at a time. Then, he created an online course and posted it on Udemy.com. Since then Mark has gained a following of over a quarter million students who are taking his online courses, buying his books and hearing him speak throughout the country. Mark quickly realized that the online courses were a great way to market online and built a successful system to use his online courses, integrated with other digital marketing techniques to grow a computer-training empire. In this case-study session you will learn a model for digital marketing and entrepreneurship that has made many practitioners successful. You will build a specific plan, including relevant web sites, checklists, and other resources that you can use to market yourself or your company through online education.” “• The market for online course content • How to sell the same course 20,000 times • How to create an audience for your content • The technical requirements for creating eLearning independently • Why you should give your eLearning away • How to market your company and yourself • Topics you can build courses around”