How to Redesign Your Website to be Mobile Friendly

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 11:00:00
End Time: 11:50:00
Session Number: 110

Speaker(s): Pepper Oldziey

You have to completely revamp the site for mobile. Google just warned your company that all the non-mobile friendly pages would go down in search. You need to act now!Facing the “mobile first” vision does not mean simply adding the responsive media query for phone to your desktop website. It means rethinking the entire meaning of mobile first, in vision and in purpose for your customers. Learn the secrets of mobile responsive redesign essential for success. • More than squeezing it all into one column, rethink your page content • Visualize every page as a landing page, complete with call to action • Avoid a menu-locked mobile home-page — explore new directions • Put hand ergonomics to your advantage in your design — you want to be usable* Adjust the volume of mobile version text — you need it now for Google rank • Switch from department pages to user interest pages — managing a multiple department changeAND SO MUCH MORE! This is a complete shift in thinking, radical makeover, not adding a 2 inch squeeze view of your desktop or cutting half the content out. Plan effectively for the mental shift involved in making your offerings enticing for all your users on their phones and devices. They may never see your gorgeous desktop site on a computer, and you need to understand this as your new marketing reality.This presentation is ideal for marketing managers, small business owners and website developers. As a team, we all need to be on the same page in rethinking this major change.