How Long-Form LinkedIn Posts Are Your Best ROI for Content Marketing

Date: 5/14/2015
Start Time: 1:00:00
End Time: 1:50:00
Session Number: 211

Speaker(s): Thea Neal

Get off Facebook. Take a break on Twitter. Don’t overwhelm yourself on Instagram. The best ROI you can get on social is right under your nose – on LinkedIn. But it’s not just for job posting. I’ll show attendees how they can use LinkedIn’s Long-Form posts to maximize their online presence and increase brand visibility, just as I’ve done for major corporations. Turn regular employees into thought leaders, and revamp Careers pages to earn brand advocates. LinkedIn’s Long-Form posting system is ideal for brands to share content without creating a blog from scratch. For digital marketers, this is a true loophole to take content to the next level and establish expertise in their brands’ designated fields. I’ll show attendees how to take LinkedIn from an HR website to a true content marketing platform, with actionable items they can do same-day.