How I Built 3 Mulit-Million Dollar Businesses Using Video Marketing

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 3:00:00
End Time: 3:50:00
Session Number: 406

Speaker(s): Jace Vernon

HOW YINC VIDEO MARKETING WORKS CREATE AN AMAZING VIDEO THAT WILL CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE Video ads by Yinc will help you connect with your target audience. The first step is to design a video that will engage the audience. You have 5 seconds to distract them from clicking the skip button and another 25 seconds to deliver the perfect message. We help you create the perfect message to drive viewers to your landing page. LOCATED YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND SHOW THEM YOUR AD One of the big factors in determining success with any Video Ad Campaign is selecting the right videos. With Yinc Video Marketing we can show ads to the right people based on who they are, where they’re located, and what they’re interested in. For example, you can place your video on a competitors, in a certain field, or a selected subject. We also like to restrict those who are able to watch the video by age, gender, parental status, interests. etc. This will keep costs down and conversions high…Yeah PAY FOR WHAT IS WATCHED, NOT WHAT APPEARS Now this is where the fun really begins. Unlike most PPC or PPV avenues you get charge per impression or when someone clicks on your ad. With Yinc Video Ads, you pay when a viewer watches up to 30 seconds of video. Meaning you know you have an interested viewer if they are willing to watch our add out to 30 seconds. This is known as Pay Per View. It work great! TRACK CONVERSIONS AND MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS Without measurement you never know what ads are working. Tracking conversions is a key component to your success. We set up analytics tools to know who is watching your ads and how they are interacting with them. THE WHY BEHIND VIDEO ADS Every month, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over six billion hours of YouTube videos. With AdWords for video, you pay only when people interested in your business choose to view your ads. Reach your customers by topic, by keywords, or by demographics like ‘women under 35 1. Laying the groundwork with proper planning. Learn how to define your competitive advantage, key points of difference, unique selling proposition, and target audience. 2. Setting primary and secondary marketing objectives, and figuring out the best tactics and tools you’ll need to achieve your objectives. 3. Defining a clear, concise, and executive friendly approach. 4. How to measure success by setting the right goals, determining the best key performance indicators, and setting benchmarks. 5. Allocating budget and making the case for marketing spend.” Nurturing tactics – Learn how to introduce specific content matter as a nurturing tactic to help sustaining engagement with your acquired audience