How to Use Your Story to Create Your Marketing Plan and Strategy

Date: 5/13/2015
Start Time: 9:00:00
End Time: 9:50:00
Session Number: 101

Speaker(s): Caitlin Clinard

Whether you’re developing cutting-edge marketing technology, designing and building client websites or launching a new social media app, your digital marketing organization is working towards a mission. Have you ever really stopped to think about that mission? Can you articulate your organization’s vision, or even WHY you’re doing what you’re doing? It’s ironic that marketing companies struggle with marketing themselves, yet they do. This session will help you to build out and learn how to execute an annual marketing strategy so that in the midst of delivering the best work for your clients, you don’t forget about your own organization. 1. How to develop an annual strategy for your organization’s marketing endeavors 2. System for determining your organization’s vision/traction 3. Format for building out an annual marketing plan 4. The “”do’s and don’t’s”” of an annual marketing strategy”